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[movies]War of 1812, The - National Archives and Records Administration
National Archives and Records AdministrationWar of 1812, TheU.S. Civil Service Commission. (1883 - 01/01/1979)ARC Identifier 37624 / Local Identifier 146.5. Contributor: Producer, U.S. Navy.
Keywords: archives.gov; public.resource.org
Downloads: 1,695 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Boiler Start Up and Shut Down #3 - California Maritime Academy Library (CSU)
See scans of liner notes for detailed content.
Keywords: vhs; California Maritime Academy Library
Downloads: 57
[movies]The Scope of Copyright Protection - House Judiciary Committee
House Judiciary Committee - The Scope of Copyright Protection Subcommittee on Courts, Intellectual Property, and the Internet U.S. House of Representatives January 14, 2014 C-SPAN Video Library Review: “Witnesses testified on materials that can be protected under copyright law, the extent of that protection, and specific rights that should and should not be included in that protection. Regarding Internet file sharing, most of the panelists agreed file sharing is illegal and takes revenue out...
Keywords: judiciary.house.gov; public.resource.org; democracy; justice
Downloads: 230
[movies]Shaft Couplings - MAJEC Training Consultants
Description, type, operation and function of shaft couplings-
Keywords: vhs
Downloads: 231
[movies]Shaft Couplings - MAJEC Training Consultants, Inc
Descriptions, operation, types and functions of shaft couplings.
Keywords: vhs; shaft couplings; mechanical engineering
Downloads: 128
[movies]Roller Bearings - MAJEC Training Consultants, Inc
Description, type, operation, and components of roller bearings.
Keywords: vhs; roller bearings; mechanical engineering
Downloads: 170
[movies]Ball Bearings - MAJEC Training Consultants, Inc
Description, type, operation, and function of ball bearings.
Keywords: vhs; ball bearings; mechanical engineering
Downloads: 169
[movies]Sliding Surface Bearings Part 1 - NUS Training Corporation
Sliding surface bearings of turbines, part 1.
Keywords: vhs; surface; bearings; turbines; naval engineering
Downloads: 103
[movies]Turbine Control Instrumentation And Protection Turbines - NUS Training Corporation
Turbine control instrumentation and protection turbines.
Keywords: vhs; turbines; instrumentation; naval engineering
Downloads: 90
[movies]Turbine Valves And Support Systems - NUS Training Corporation
Turbine valves and support systems
Keywords: vhs; turbines; naval engineering
Downloads: 68
[movies]Construction And Principles Of Operation Turbines - NUS Training Corporation
Construction and principles of operation turbines.
Keywords: vhs; turbines; naval engineering
Downloads: 86
[movies]HP Practical Transistor Series 4 - George Stanley
In this first part (1 of 3) of "Answers by Inspection," George Stanley discusses developing formulas, a simplified expression for voltage gain.
Keywords: vhs; hewlett-packard; transistors; voltage
Downloads: 68
[movies]HP Practical Transistors Series 7/8 - Hewlett-Packard
George Stanley defines continuity, demonstrates continuity checks using analog and digital multimeters for transformers, defines resistance, examines scale for resistance on analog multimeter, and shows how to measure resistance using both multimeters.  He also covers troubleshooting on both single-stage and multistage transistor circuits and demonstrates troubleshooting on an actual multistage transistor amplifier to illustrate common failure patterns.
Keywords: vhs; transistors; Hewlett-Packard; amplifiers; troubleshooting; circuits; transformers; multimeters
Downloads: 48
[movies]HP Practical Transistor Series 12/13 - George Stanley
George Stanley explains the operation of both Junction and MOS field-effect transistors. Trouble shooting tips and the effects of nuclear radiation on these devices are given. The program concludes with the operation of the Unijunction transistor.
Keywords: vhs; fets; unijunction; hewlett-packard; transistors
Downloads: 34
[movies]Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge - Videotel Marine International
Designed to assist sea-going personnel in their understanding of the safe operation, testing and maintenance of ships electrical equipment and services. Examines practical electrical maintenance and fault-finding procedures on board various ship types.
Keywords: vhs; marine; electrical; naval; equipment; maintenance
Downloads: 350
[movies]HP Practical Transistors Series 5/6 - George Stanley
In "Answers by Inspection" of this series (parts 2 and 3 of 3), George Stanley develops formulas for the calculation of voltage gain with feedback, input impedance, output impedance, and distortion in common emitter circuits. In part 6, he concentrates on the emitter follower circuit and develops expressions for its voltage gain, and input and output impedance.
Keywords: vhs; formulas; voltage; gain; impedance; circuits; input; output
Downloads: 50
[movies]HP Practical Transistor Series 3 - George Stanley
George Stanley compares voltage drive and current drive in transistor circuits.
Keywords: vhs; Hewlett-Packard; transistors; voltage; current; drive
Downloads: 46
[movies]HP Practical Transistor Series 2 - Hewlett-Packard
George Stanley lectures on the various common techniques of biasing transistors and demonstrates the effects of heat on transistor circuits.
Keywords: vhs; hewlett-packard; transistors; temperature
Downloads: 39
[movies]HP Practical Transistor Series 1 - Hewlett-Packard
George Stanley defines the objectives of the course, and then explains and makes comparisons between vacuum tubes and transistors.
Keywords: vhs; hewlett-packard; transistors; vacuum tubes
Downloads: 81
[movies]Steam Cycle Boilers # 22 - U.S. Navy Training Films
Steam cycle boilers.
Keywords: vhs; u.s. navy; steam; boiler; boilers
Downloads: 51
[movies]Steam Cycle Boilers # 22 - U.S. Navy Training Films
Steam Cycle Boilers
Keywords: vhs; steam; boiler; boilers; u.s. navy
Downloads: 29
[movies]Vapor Condenser Units Boilers # 20 - U.S. Navy
Vapor Condenser Units Boilers 
Keywords: vhs; u.s. navy; vapor; condenser; boiler; boilers
Downloads: 52
[movies]Distilling Plants Low Pressure Type Boilers # 19 - U.S. Navy
Distilling plants low pressure Type Boilers.
Keywords: vhs; distilling; plants; low-pressure; boiler; boilers; u.s. navy
Downloads: 23
[movies]Distilling Plants Flash Type Boilers # 18 - U. S. Navy
Distilling plants flash type boilers.
Keywords: vhs; distilling; plants; flash; boiler; boilers; u.s.navy
Downloads: 31
[movies]Closing The Boiler # 17 - U.S. Navy Training Films
Closing the boiler operations.
Keywords: vhs; boiler; boilers; u.s. navy
Downloads: 28
[movies]Boiler Repairs Removing Boiler Tubes # 16 - U.S. Navy Training Films
Boiler repairs-removing boiler tubes.
Keywords: vhs; us. navy; boiler; boilers; removal; tubes
Downloads: 19
[movies]Boiler Repairs Removing Boiler Tubes # 16 - U.S. Navy Training Films
Boiler repairs: removing boiler tubes.
Keywords: vhs; u.s. navy; boiler; boilers; repair; removal; tubes
Downloads: 27
[movies]Boiler Repairs Introduction # 15 - U.S. Navy Training Films
Naval boiler repairs
Keywords: vhs; u.s. navy; boiler; boilers; repair
Downloads: 28
[movies]Safety Valves # 13 - NUS Training Corporation
Operation of naval safety valves.
Keywords: vhs; u.s. navy; safety; valves
Downloads: 48
[movies]How Boilers Work 14 - NUS Training Corporation
How boilers work.
Keywords: vhs; boiler; boilers; operation
Downloads: 67
[movies]Boiler Tube Repairs - NUS Training Corporation
Boiler tube repairs.
Keywords: vhs; boiler; boilers; tube; tubes; repair; repairs
Downloads: 55
[movies]Gauge Glass Maintenance # 12 - NUS Training Corporation
Gauge glass maintenance.
Keywords: vhs; gauge; glass; maintenance
Downloads: 64
[movies]Refractory Maintenance # 10 - NUS Training Corporation
Refractory maintenance.
Keywords: vhs; refractory; maintenance
Downloads: 33
[movies]Boiler Maintenance # 8 - NUS Training Corporation
Boiler maintenance.
Keywords: vhs; boiler; boilers; maintenance
Downloads: 55
[movies]Boiler Emergency Procedures - NUS Training Corporation
Boiler emergency procedures.
Keywords: vhs; boiler; boilers; emergency
Downloads: 47
[movies]Boiler Fundamentals # 6 - NUS Training Corporation
Boiler fundamentals
Keywords: vhs; boilers; fundamentals
Downloads: 61
[movies]Boilers: Fuels And Combustion # 5 - NUS Training Corporation
Boilers, fuels and combustion.
Keywords: vhs; boilers; fuels; cumbustion
Downloads: 44
[movies]Boiler Operation And Efficiency #4 - NUS Training Corporation
A good boiler operator has a thorough knowledge of safe operation.  Reviews normal day-to-day operation and boiler efficiency. 
Keywords: vhs; Large Scale Boiler; Carroll James
Downloads: 117
[movies]Boilers: Start UP And Shut Down #3 - NUS Training Corporation
Introduction to power plant boiler  start up and shut down.  Reviews general procedures for start up and shut down of boilers at power plants including the importance of boiler and plant employee protection during this process.
Keywords: vhs; Large Scale Boilers; Carroll James
Downloads: 103
[movies]Boiler Inspection And Cleaning Part II - Maritime Library Collection
Continued from Part One...  In depth review of "Waterside"...inside boiler surfaces that contain water or s team.
Keywords: vhs; Large Scale Boiler; James Carroll
Downloads: 17
[movies]Boiler Inspection And Cleaning Part I - Maritime Academy Library
Waterfall inspection... In depth review on how to detect potential problems during routine inspection.   Includes surface areas exposed to fire and hot gases inside the boiler. 
Keywords: vhs; Large Scale Boiler Inspection, Carroll James
Downloads: 29
[movies]Captured German War Films - National Archives and Records Administration
National Archives and Records AdministrationCaptured German War FilmsDepartment of Defense. Department of the Air Force. (09/26/1947 - )ARC Identifier 64760 / Local Identifier 342-USAF-13034 and ARC Identifier 24043 / Local Identifier 111-ADC-10281. 1939-1945. Summary: POSTHUMOS AWARDS: CU, Swastika emblem, CUs, display of medals - men at attention. Sequence: Civilians receiving awards from Herman Goering...
Keywords: archives.gov; public.resource.org
Downloads: 6,090 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]7th Infantry Division - National Archives and Records Administration
National Archives and Records Administration7th Infantry DivisionDepartment of Defense. Department of the Army. Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. U.S. Army Audiovisual Center. (ca. 1974 - 05/15/1984)ARC Identifier 2569491 / Local Identifier 111-TV-221. Tells the story of how the soldiers of the 7th Infantry Division brought the war to the front door of Japan. Scenes show how the fighting men of the "Hour Glass Division" successfully fought the Japanese in the Aleutian Islands, ...
Keywords: archives.gov; public.resource.org
Downloads: 1,087
[movies]EVOLUTION OF THE OIL INDUSTRY, THE - National Archives and Records Administration
National Archives and Records AdministrationEVOLUTION OF THE OIL INDUSTRY, THEDepartment of the Interior. Bureau of Mines. Pittsburgh Experiment Station. (1934 - 01/19/1975)ARC Identifier 12477 / Local Identifier 70.153A. Revision of "World Stuggle for Oil."
Keywords: archives.gov; public.resource.org
Downloads: 2,109
[movies]JFK EXHIBIT 3: RECONSTRUCTION FILM - National Archives and Records Administration
National Archives and Records AdministrationJFK EXHIBIT 3: RECONSTRUCTION FILMDepartment of the Treasury. U.S. Secret Service. (1943 - 2003)ARC Identifier 13218 / Local Identifier 87.5.
Keywords: archives.gov; public.resource.org
Downloads: 1,445
[movies]No title

Downloads: 24
[movies]No title

Downloads: 39
[movies]No title

Downloads: 19
[movies]No title

Downloads: 23
[movies]No title

Downloads: 36
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